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C.V. Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. is located in Lake Worth, Florida and has been serving South Florida since 2003. Mr. Vanegas envisioned establishing a company that measures success through total customer satisfaction. Today his vision is a reality. C.V. Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. is a company customers trust to give them professional integrity, total comfort from air conditioning and heating systems built with top quality products and superior customer service at lower prices. C.V. Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. provides honest, ethical, and reliable service to all customers. Mr. Vanegas said, “We know that if we provide the highest quality customer service and workmanship imaginable, our customers will refer us to their friends and family and will keep coming back with their own air conditioning needs.”

Our Mission

We are a growing team of experts passionately dedicated to identify our client’s needs and provide the best solution in air conditioning, heating, and ventilation . We pride ourselves on excellence in air conditioning maintenance, repair, and installation. Our mission is to continue to build long-lasting relationships with our customers through our winning spirit and commitment to 100% satisfaction. 


The business administrator is Liduys Vanegas. C.V. Air Conditioning & Heating stresses the importance of customer service to every employee. C.V. Air Conditioning & Heating measures success through the satisfaction of the customers, providing them with brand name air condition and heating units, along with superior installation and maintenance services. A large portion of C.V. Conditioning & Heating customers are referred to the company by current customers. Customers of C.V. Air consist mostly of small corporations and residential communities. In the past ten years C.V. Air Conditioning & Heating has expanded its clientele data base by over 1,000 customers. 


C.V. Air Conditioning & Heating believes that the best way to satisfy its customers is to provide the top of the line in equipment and service to every customer. The products that C.V. Air offers are the best brand names and latest models on the market today. The market for newer and more energy efficient AC and heating units is keeping the staff busy with service requests. In the next five years, C.V. Air Conditioning & Heating is hoping to expand its clientele database by one hundred percent, giving the company more than 2,000 eighty customers. The founder Mr. Vanegas recognizes that with the rapidly growing customer numbers he will have to acquire more employees, which will ultimately expand his company in the direction he envisioned when it was first opened in 2003.

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