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Our Services

  • Everyone at C.V. Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. shares the same quality, comfort, economical, and environmental goals as homeowners. We offer:

  • Immediate repair                                          

  • Service 7 days a week every day of the year

  • Guaranteed satisfaction


  • 20% off repair for internet customers

  • 20% off for seniors

  • 20% military

  • Up to 10 years parts and labor on new systems

  • Free second opinion

  • Free estimates on new systems

  • Free tune-up with repair

  • No service charge with repair


On a complete air conditioning, systems guarantee for up 5 years when register on parts and 1 years for free labor. 


In Addition, C.V. Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. participates in the FPL Rebate Program that enables you as a Florida Power & Light Customer to get instant cash discounts on Air Conditioning equipment rated above 13 SEER (as of June 2010).


Florida Power & Light (FPL) honors your investment and therefore collaborates with us as a Contractor for Air Conditioning Systems to fulfill your demand and to provide you with the best possible deals that saves you money.

How much energy and money can you save by upgrading from your old air conditioner to a modern, more efficient model?  Let us suppose your older air conditioning system had a SEER rating of 9. If you were to upgrade to a SEER 13 air conditioner the lowest efficiency available, you would reduce your power consumption by about 28%. 


That can translate to energy savings up to $800 per year (depending on your usage rate and the cost of electricity

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